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Estética de un rumbero

New album 2023


🏆 "Prix des maisons de la culture" de Montréal 2022 


🏆 Juno Award nomination 2021 for the "The Gold Diggers", category "World Music"


🏆 New Gen Salsa TOP 100, August 2018- # 1 ranking for the song "Comedia del arte"


🏆 Canada Latin Awards 2019- Winner in the "Best tropical song of the year" category


🏆 Canada Latin Awards 2018- Winner in the "Salsa Orchestra of the Year" category


🏆 Canada Latin Awards 2017-Winner in the "Salsa Orchestra of the Year" category


🏆Canada Latin Awards 2016-Nomination in the "Salsa Orchestra of the Year" category


💽 ESTÉTICA DE UN RUMBERO, 2023, Lula World Label

💽 THE GOLD DIGGERS, 2020, Lula World Label


Soundtrack filmography

 🎥 "Exiliados" webserie, song Comedia del Arte, Canada, 2019

 🎥 " Ultramarin, ultraterrien" documentary song Salsa Dura Hasta la muerte, France, 2019

 🎥 "Cranks" movie, Canada, released in 2020

 🎥 "Mme Lajoie" movie, Spain to be released in 2020

 🎥 "Diggstown" serie, Canada released in 2020


Lengaïa Salsa Brava is a Juno-nominated Montreal-based 12-piece orchestra created in 2012 by Latin and Guyanese trombone player Giany-Frantz Huyghues-Despointes. Its orchestral format of three trombones and a baritone saxophone gives it a unique sound color by its powerful and its harmony. 

In 2023, Lengaïa released its third album "Estética de un Rumbero".

Like its birthplace, Montreal, Lengaïa is multicultural: its members proceed from no less than 7 different countries: French Guiana, Cuba, Colombia, Peru, Quebec, Spain, and Venezuela.

Lengaïa has accompanied several international artists from the world of salsa such as: Yoko Mimata (2016), Ismael Rivera Jr (2017), and the singer of Fania All Stars, Ismael Miranda (2017) and collaborated with Jimmy Bosch as special guest on GOLD DIGGERS album in 2019.


Lengaïa is the winner of the Canada Latin Awards in the "Salsa Group of the Year" category for two consecutive years in 2017 and 2018.

With an average of 30 concerts each year since 2012, the orchestra has performed in several festivals: Nuits d'Afrique, Salsa on St Clair, Toronto Salsa Festival, Festival Nuit Blanche de Montréal, London Sun Fest. 

In 2019, the orchestra completed a successful tour in Colombia (Cali, Medellin and Bogota).


The orchestra has been nominated at the Juno Awards 2021 in the World music category for the GOLD DIGGERS album.

Lengaïa is distributed by Lulaword Records Label and represented by Marylin Gilbert.

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